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"I've been drawing ever since I could write my name... That's about 40 years of practice
and a LOT of sketchpads and charcoal pencils! Below is much of my recent work, hand-
drawn on high quality fine art paper. Those noted with a title below it are available for
$50.00 ea. (shipping included). Each original piece is sized approximately 8" x 10", signed
and matted to 11" x 14" (in black or white, to contrast the drawing). Custom requests
always welcome! E-MAIL ME with requests, or use this email address to pay via Paypal.
Thanks so much for your support! Mark

*COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Each piece is a derivative work; a freehand drawing created from
an existing photographic image. The "Mark Baranowski - 2012" watermark is displayed
for online purposes and refers only to Mark's artwork, not to the image/subject itself.

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Click each image for a larger view.

"Marie" (Lady Stay Dead)

Ava Fabian

"Murderer & Victim" (The Bird With the Crystal Plumage)

"Masked Killer" (Blood & Black Lace)

"Frank Booth" (Blue Velvet)

"Alex" (A Clockwork Orange)

"El Topo & Son" (El Topo)

"Eddie Quist" (The Howling)

The New York Ripper

"Mr. Blonde" (Reservoir Dogs)

Roberta Vasquez

"Jared & Jensen" (Supernatural)

Wonder Woman

"Loryn" (Valley Girl)


"Philo & Clyde" (Every Which Way But Loose)

"Dr. Henry Pride" (Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde)

"Find the Fish" (Monty Python's The Meaning of Life)

"Mircalla / Carmilla Karnstein" (Lust for a Vampire)

"Bobby, Dean & Sam" (Supernatural)

"Tubbs, Crockett & Ivory Jones" (Miami Vice)

"Daryl Dixon" (The Walking Dead)

"Murphy MacManus" (The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day)

"Jesse Walsh" (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge)

"Crockett & Tubbs" (Miami Vice)


"Private Pyle" (Full Metal Jacket)

"Michael" (The Deer Hunter)

"Crockett & Tubbs" (Miami Vice)

"Carole" (Sweet Movie)

"Paul Smecker" (The Boondock Saints)

"Princess Asa Vajda" (Black Sunday)

George Carlin

"Nadine" (Baise Moi)

"Job Interview" (Saturday Night Live)

"Tubbs & Crockett" (Miami Vice)

"Crockett & Tubbs" (Miami Vice)

"Ricardo Tubbs" (Miami Vice)

"Ricardo Tubbs" (Miami Vice)

"Crockett & Tubbs" (Miami Vice)

"Crockett, Tubbs & Evan Freed" (Miami Vice)

"Coffy" (Coffy)

"Jerry Dandrige" (Fright Night '85)

Uschi Digard


"Evil Ed" (Fright Night '85)

The Benny Hill Show

George Michael

"Nola Carveth" (The Brood)

"Brenda" (Savage Streets)

David Bowie

Rawhead Rex

"Fran & Miriam" (Vampyres)

"Stansfield" (Leon: The Professional)

"Skip & Harry" (Stir Crazy)

Elvis Presley (Elvis: '68 Comeback Special)

"Dan & Blood" (Beyond the Law)