-1st edition DVD (front/back)-
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(DVD premiere date: 8/14/03)
©2003 Mark Baranowski
Color, 56/49 minutes
Unrated (for mature viewers only)


David (Mark Baranowski) is a newly sold-out drug dealer who decides to pay his ex-wife Nicole (Ryli Morgan) a surprise visit before leaving town with his new girlfriend (Brinke Stevens)... only to discover that Nicole isn't the same person he knew when he left her, a year earlier. She now has a girlfriend of her own (played by lovely newcomer Rachelle Williams), and David soon realizes that some things are better left in the past...


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EXPENDABLE 24" x 36" poster

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Expendable reviews:

"[Mark's] best film to date. It's got everything: boy loses girl, boy gets girl, girl gets girl. How can you not love lesbian vampires? Great shower scenes. In the words of a horny Aussie, "Great bloody nipples, Mate!" Dream sequence with Brinke was a nice touch..."
--Don Donovan,
Buffalo, NY

"Yet another example of micro budget film making done correctly... Ryli Morgan’s performance as Nicole is incredible to watch."
--Douglas A. Waltz, CultCuts Magazine/Divine Exploitation
Portage, MI

"Hot gals all around, man!"
--Joe Sherlock, DR. SQUID Magazine/F & C Productions
Corvallis, OR

"Fans of indie movies where the hard work is evident on the screen will not be disappointed..."
--Mike Watt, FILM THREAT

"Very David Lynch-esque erotic bloodbath"
"The lesbian vampire scenes (basting each other in blood) could very well be a fetish building complex!!!!"
"Two fangs in for Expendable"
--Tracy Crockett, UNSPEAKABLE Magazine
Gainesville, TX

"Keep it up, Mark!"
--Bill “Choptop” Moseley,
Los Angeles, CA

"Very Cool!"
--Linnea Quigley,
Pompano Beach, FL