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"I've been drawing ever since I could write my name... That's about 40 years of practice
and a LOT of sketchpads and charcoal pencils! Below is much of my recent work, hand-
drawn on high quality fine art paper. Those noted with a title below it are available for
$50.00 ea. (shipping included). Each original piece is sized approximately 8" x 10", signed
and matted to 11" x 14" (in black or white, to contrast the drawing). Custom requests
always welcome! E-MAIL ME with requests, or use this email address to pay via Paypal.
Thanks so much for your support! Mark

*COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Each piece is a derivative work; a freehand drawing created from
an existing photographic image. The "Mark Baranowski - 2014/2015" watermark is displayed
for online purposes and refers only to Mark's artwork, not to the image/subject itself.

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Click each image for a larger view.

"Last Supper"

Fred Williamson

"Father Merrin" (The Exorcist)

"Freddie" (Dead & Buried)


Vanessa del Rio


Vanessa del Rio

"Sonny" (Miami Vice)

Vanessa del Rio
*Above drawing recreated from Babylon Pink still photo
1981 CCC (Cecil Howard & Command Video)

"Detective James 'Sonny' Crockett" (Miami Vice)

"Hitchhiker & Sally" (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)

"Dean Winchester" (Supernatural)


Depeche Mode



"Castiel" (Supernatural)